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April 15 2018

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We happy few, are so joyful we all smile, laugh and subtract all of the time we l must do this, to keep the demons at bay, since they come through during the night and spread joy into our Joyful families, we have to endure this bliss with glee and bliss, as they humans utilize our entrails as resources or make new joyful kids together with our husbands and wives.

I have been happy because my spouse's celebratory passing, she new or took joyful kid with her, along with her fresh happy husband, I seeped with joy that night, as my joyous children sang joyful chords all evening.

A year has passed, My joy not more powerful, my kids happily asleep, they have been for half a year, Napping like Joyful little Angels, I saw within their bodies that are Happy, so filled with pleasure even the rats desired on the pleasure.  This life has been so joyful, this planet so much joy, I desired them to feel that the joys I believed, and over all I desired my own Happy wife to watch... how happy I could be, until I reveal that the Government the significance of true joy.

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