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April 15 2018

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 If she was not taking Yoga to get a PE charge she'd have given up by now, except for the sake of her grade, she had to try.You just shut your eyes and you let go and float off, correct? 

How difficult can it cease thinking?Janet never stopped believing.  She as an A+ only kinda gal and she WAS going to Harvard the next year and if she had to believe 24 hours each day to make that happen she'd do it. 

She would give up food and sleep, but she wasn't gonna give up Harvard.

She did not like yoga. 

She lived in her head, not her body.

She attempted to meditate. 

She tried to interrupt her endless stream of stressful consciousness.

She strove to meditate for a moment it seemed to work and it was a frightening moment.The following day, Janet tried to forget what she found in the space of that moment: But she could not think of anything else.  It began affecting her studies.

One day she announced to her parents that she wasn't using to Harvard.Janet did many things with her life and was finally quite satisfied.  She had just one child, a daughter.

But that thing she watched got passed into the infant.  The infant lived her entire life with that moment in her mind.  And she passed it to her son, and that is why I am telling you this story because I am your daddy and I understand you watched it also.  I want you to know you aren't mad.  I want you to know it's real.

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